The Canadian Catholic Bioethics Institute and the Order of Malta invite you to “Assisted Suicide: A Clear and Present Danger?” with speakers Rory Fisher, MB, FRCP(Ed)(C) and Moira McQueen, LLB, MDiv, PhD.

This presentation will be held Wednesday, March 28 at 7 pm, in Room 101, 95 St Joseph Street (east door), Faculty of Theology, University of St Michael’s College.

All are welcome.

Dr. Rory Fisher is Professor Emeritus, Department of Medicine,University of Toronto, and a member of the Division of Geriatric Medicine, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre. He was Director of the Interdepartmental Division of Geriatrics, Faculty of Medicine,University of Toronto and Director of the Regional Geriatric Program of Toronto. A former member of the National Advisory Council on Aging, Dr Fisher has been President of both the Canadian Association on Gerontology and the Canadian Society of Geriatric Medicine, and a Council Member of the International Association on Gerontology. Dr Fisher has also served as President of the St Joseph Moscati Toronto Catholic Doctors Guild, and is a member of the Board of the Canadian Association of the Order of Malta.

Dr Moira McQueen, Executive Director of the Canadian Catholic Bioethics Institute, graduated in law from the University of Glasgow. She received her Master of Divinity from the Faculty of Theology, University of St Michael’s College and the Toronto School of Theology, and her PhD from the Faculty of Theology USMC where she also teaches moral theology.