Video Update

We've added some videos from a lecture we hosted back in March on the Ethical Concerns in Pandemic Planning. For those who were unable to attend you can watch any…Read more →

Bill C-384

The Vote on Bill C-384To all Members of ParliamentThe Canadian Catholic Bioethics Institute and its supporters are greatly heartened by your voting against Bill C-384 on Thursday, April 22, 2010.We…Read more →

Bill C-384 defeated

Bill C-384 was resoundingly defeated at its reading yesterday (April 21, 2010) in the House by a majority of 228-59. Francine Lalonde's private member's Bill has had several chances, but…Read more →

March 19: Letters to the editor

Contraception divide The government is trying to get to the roots of health-care problems in developing countries (Anti-Contraception Policy Sparks Uproar – March 18). Infant health care, nutritional advances and…Read more →

***Please read this excerpt from Hansard as an example of the opposition expressed against Canada's moving towards euthanasia and assisted suicide:Text of Paul Szabo's (MP Mississauga South, Lib)speech in response…Read more →