For People in the Pews (FPIP) is an “everyday bioethics” lecture series designed for parishes and other interested groups.

Understanding bioethical principles has become increasingly important as science and medicine develop new techniques. sometimes these raise moral questions that seem to challenge Catholic teaching on the dignity of human life.

When unexpectedly confronted with moral and ethical dilemmas related to biotechnologies, many people may find themselves at a loss and seek guidance.

Parish settings:
A parish may host or co-host FPIP with neighbouring parishes. FPIP fits well into an advent or lenten schedule. The normal schedule is two hours an evening over four weeks. (Other arrangements to suit the parish are possible.)

Other Settings:
For People in the Pews is suitable for many organizations. The format conforms to the needs of the audience. FPIP has been held in hospice and long-term care settings, and as seminars for clergy and educators. It may be scheduled as a one-day event, a weekend, or over consecutive days or evenings.

Theologians and specialists present Church
teaching and engage people in discussion on
moral and ethical life issues:

Moira McQueen, LL B, MDiv, PhD

Bridget Campion, PhD
Dr. Campion is a bioethicist, researcher, educator, and staff member of the Canadian Catholic Bioethics Institute.

Honorarium Parishes:
The recommended amount for the honorarium to CCBI is $10 per person per evening; parishes often choose to assume the cost of the honorarium.

Other Groups:
Please contact CCBI to discuss the honorarium.

Distance Arrangements
FPIP has been held in Calgary, Edmonton, and in many Ontario locations outside Toronto. We welcome the opportunity to travel to bring this program to you.


For more information about For People in the Pews events please contact us.

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