The Canadian Catholic Bioethics Institute is pleased to announce the release of its third series of videos for the Catholic Bioethics Moments YouTube channel.

Matters of Conscience” examines Decisions of Conscience; Conscientious Objection; Intrinsic Evil; and Formal Cooperation in an Evil Act.

Each 8-9 minute video begins with a discussion of the topic at hand, followed by definition of terms, relevant Catholic Church Teaching, and sources.

The videos in this series will be of interest to anyone wanting to learn more about Catholic Church Teaching on conscience and moral decision-making as part of a lived faith.



Series One and Two of Catholic Bioethics Moments present the following discussions:

Series One, “Ethical Issues at the End of Life 1,” examines Death; Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide; Forgoing Treatment; and the Principle of Double Effect. A French version of this series, “Questions éthiques en fin de vie,” is also available.

Series Two, “Ethical Issues at the End of Life 2,” explores Organ Donation after Death; Pain Relief at the End of Life; Palliative Care; and Conscience. The French translation of Series Two is currently in progress.

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