On Monday, May 16, 2016, CCBI is proud to introduce Catholic Bioethics Moments on our website and on YouTube. Catholic Bioethics Moments are brief videos with theologians Drs Moira McQueen and Bridget Campion of the Canadian Catholic Bioethics Institute explaining Church teaching about mainstream issues in bioethics. The videos also provide source material for advanced learning.


The themes of the videos have been selected from the most frequently-asked questions we receive.


The inaugural series, End-of-Life Care, examines “Death”; “Forgoing Treatment”; “Euthanasia and Physician-assisted Suicide”; and “The Principle of Double Effect.”


In the months ahead, other episodes will become available: “Palliative Care”; “Pain Relief at the End of Life”; “Donation of Vital Organs”; and “Conscience.”


This YouTube channel is devoted to providing education about Catholic Church Teaching and the Catholic response to the complex issues in bioethics.


For more information visit www.ccbi-utoronto.ca, or the Catholic Bioethics Moments YouTube Channel.


Thanks go to Bridget Campion, Thalia Flood, and Imo Scrimger for their expertise in the production of these videos.