7th IACB International Colloquium, June 25-July 2, 2015, Montréal, Canada

Promoting Mental Health and Wellness

Ethical and Religious Perspectives Informing the Care of People who Experience Human Limitations and Suffering

Topics of discussion:

• Physician-assisted suicide and euthanasia: Physicians and other health care workers are increasingly being asked to provide assistance in suicide or euthanasia to people experiencing mental illness and existential and spiritual distress.

• Promoting resilience in individuals and families who face adversity, human limitations and suffering: Mental illnesses and addictions are not well understood or discussed in many religions, while religious perspectives on wellness and human flourishing are seldom taken seriously in mental health care and promotion. Increasingly, individuals and families lack resources to be resilient in facing adversity, human limitations, and suffering. This has devastating effects on individuals, particularly young adults, and families and often leads to negative societal and inter-generational effects.

Keynote Presenters: David A. Jones and Neil Weir, Warren Kinghorn, Alexandre A. Martins, Andrew Sodergren, Daniel P. Sulmasy, Paulina Taboada, Bernadette Tobin, Michael Vertin, Bill and Lindsay Watson, Jos Welie.

Venue: The Manoir d’Youville is a comfortable hotel on an island. Guests can enjoy scenic views and its extensive grounds.

Anyone engaged in ethics and/or health care from a religious perspective is invited to participate in these timely and crucial discussions.

$900 Full registration (participation in the academic, spiritual and cultural programs, accommodation, all meals, all events)

$150 Per day registration with accommodation and meals

Other rates available for companions of participants, priests or religious, students, volunteers, and those not requiring accommodation.

Some presentations will be broadcast on the Internet via Follow the IACB 2015 Montréal event.

For information, to register, or to find out about Internet broadcasts, consult the IACB website: or e-mail: Follow us on Twitter @IACB_news.

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