Summary Note for the Academic Forum

Canadian Forces Chaplain School and Centre (CFChSC).


Spirituality and Resilience and their impact on Individual Readiness.

The developing role of CAF Chaplains in a Pluralistic environment.





In the context of its 20th Anniversary, CFChSC will host an Academic Forum to explore various aspects of the relation between spirituality and resilience and their impact on individual readiness of CAF members in an increasingly pluralistic environment.




To incorporate a better understanding of how chaplains can contribute as SMEs in their respective TEs and units with regard to resilience development; and


To provide a high quality in-house PD for personnel involved in training.




The Academic Forum is a series of short presentations offered by SMEs (20 min. max. each) immediately followed by a discussion (10 min. max. each).





  • CCWO JGJP. Marchand (CMP, Ottawa) – CAF caregivers and their contribution to individual readiness.
  • D. Crerar, Ph.D. (Emeritus Lecturer, Grande Prairie Regional College, Grande Prairie, Alberta) – Operational Aspects of the Ministry of Presence: Canadian Chaplains 1885-2009.
  • Lt(N) M. Poeti, Ph.D. (CFChSC) – Samuel de Champlain: How Spirituality Can Impact Resilience, Leadership and Change the History of a Nation.
  • Capt H. Ristau, Ph.D. (CFChSC) – CAF Chaplains as a Primary Source of Spiritual Resiliency.
  • Maj C. Pigeon, Ph.D. (CFChSC) – Spirituality and Resilience: Observations from a Deployed Chaplain (AFG, SWA and SOF).
  • Samantha Thomas, MSW, RSW (31 CF H SVCS C, Borden) – Spirituality and Resilience: a Mental Health perspective.
  • Maj SD. Lazerte, Ph.D. (CADTC, Kingston) – The New CAF Doctrine on Religious Leader Engagement.
  • Col A. Guèvremont (NDHQ, Ottawa) – The Way Ahead: Strategic Considerations and Vision for the Future of CAF Chaplaincy.

N.B. Presentations will be offered in English or in French – with a summary in the other official language – discussion will be facilitated in both official languages.




Canadian Forces Chaplain School and Centre, CFB Borden, Bldg P-153.




Wed 15 Oct 2014, 08:30h – 16:00h (Dress of the day).




Maj C. Pigeon, Chief-Instructor, CFChSC, Borden.

(705) 424-1200 x 3040 CSN: 270-3040.


Registration by email by October 1st to