Bioethics Matters: A Guide for Concerned Catholics has been updated on the Novalis website.

Bioethics Matters: A Guide for Concerned Catholics
Author Moira McQueen

A practical, must-read book for Catholics who want to know how Church teaching can help them work their way through tough decisions and choices. This succinct yet comprehensive guide clearly sets out Catholic teaching on today’s hot-button issues such as stem-cell research, reproductive technologies, euthanasia, and more. By presenting real-life situations, this guide provides the reader with Catholic ethical decision-making in action.

“Lay people deserve to be as educated as possible in Catholic teaching. It is to the Church’s advantage that they be educated in this area, in light of the laity’s religious and civic responsibilities… As it can be difficult to keep up to date with developments in these areas, as well as to stay informed about church teaching, this book can help Catholics navigate these pressing issues.” – Dr. Moira McQueen