TORONTO, Feb. 10 /CNW/ – The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Saskatchewan has raised an important issue in requiring doctors who will not perform abortions to refer women to someone who will.

The College acknowledges that physicians must follow their conscience in not performing abortions if that is their moral stance, but it prevents physicians from withdrawing from the situation completely. They are to refer to another physician or provide information about the availability of abortion services.

This does not make sense. If my informed conscience does not allow me to perform some activity, why would I help someone else perform that very action? Further, information about abortion services is readily available, and there is no injustice in not providing it.

Physicians in Saskatchewan (and indeed anywhere) who do not accept abortion should have that stance respected, and no other action furthering abortion should be required of them.

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Dr Moira McQueen, Canadian Catholic Bioethics Institute, 416 926 2335,,